I am not a sunflower.

I drove by a sunflower field today, covered in the snow. If I hadn’t passed the same field, blooming in its glory during the past two summers, I would never have known that those dead stalks in the frozen ice once held gorgeous blooms of marigold.  I drove by a sunflower field today, and wonderedContinue reading “I am not a sunflower.”

"I Should Have Seen It As a Problem." | a poem

i should have seen it as a problem.  that i think of you when i see the sunset. but never in the sunrise.  and i see your face in the stars, and wish for you on every one that soars past me.  but somehow i never see your face in the ocean waves or theContinue reading “"I Should Have Seen It As a Problem." | a poem”

"when I think about a year ago today" | a poem

when I thought about a year ago today, my heart was a puddle on the floor.remembering the fantasies, the desires, the hopes. Feelings so familiar, deep within my core. And when I finally got what I wanted, what I had desired for so long.Somehow, some way, I messed it up. what I thought was right turned out wrong. SorrowContinue reading “"when I think about a year ago today" | a poem”

journal entries: disappointment

may nineteenth, twenty eighteen “go near to Him this hour. go running from the distance and approach His throne; thoughts shuffled, words scattered, fall at His feet broken, and in His love, be fathered, and be reminded that there is grace and truth for everything that has ever happened to you, and now that youContinue reading “journal entries: disappointment”

a letter to the college freshman

dear college freshman, Expect change. There are no words that could every properly embody what college actually is, how it actually affects you, and what your life is going to look like in just eight short months. Expect your perspective to change, expect your friend groups to change, and expect yourself to change. I feelContinue reading “a letter to the college freshman”

19 Truths For 19 Years

side note: I’m just a happy soul right now. I can’t even express how badly I have been craving this moment. Sitting in one of my favorite coffeeshops, sunlight pouring in, almond milk mocha in hand, Elvis playing, writing for my blog. I am a happy, happy gal. So here’s what I know by myContinue reading “19 Truths For 19 Years”