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Abbey Chaplain Studio is a boutique brand strategy and design agency for intentional business owners.

By making decisions based in strategy and sustainability, we work together to craft a brand that aligns with your most intentional self.

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Meet the Founder

Hi there, I’m Abbey — the head and the heart behind this studio.

I have a love for bringing intentionality and purpose into every aspect of my life, a love that I carry into my designs. I’m obsessed with strong coffee, moody playlists, & golden hour light. 

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Carmen Dimitras

Abbey is incredibly gifted at what she does… She did a great job of pulling out of me the information I didn't even know was there - and then she focused on it like a laser, creating a very personalized and beautiful brand package. Getting to know Abbey was great in and of itself, however the best part of working with her was just how she blew my mind every time she showed me and update of where she was at. I was amazing how she knew so well what I was wanting. She's like some kind of graphic designing wizard.


Abbey was so kind, responsive, & truly helpful! As a creative myself, I have a lot of thoughts & opinions and she was always very willing to make tweaks to make it exactly what I envisioned. Abbey understood who I am as a company and as a person and she created a brand that reflected that perfectly! Jump on a call with her and I promise you will want to book her by the end of it

mary nguyen

Prior to working with Abbey, I didn't have a clear visual direction for my brand. Abbey was excellent during her consultation to ask questions to get to the heart of me and my brand and delivered a visual direction that feels like ME. Abbey is a delight to work with in both her communication style and personality.

Madison Ashley Photography

To work with Abbey is to work with a friend! Not only will you get beautiful, custom, and practical designs, but you will get the experience of working with a sweet soul & soon-to-be friend! My favorite part part about working with Abbey is her intentionality… She genuinely cares about your business and helping you get to where you want to be! Working with Abbey helped me better understand where my business is at and where I want it to go.

Janae Liz Photography

Abbey is so sweet and patient. She really desired to represent my brand in a beautiful way. I didn’t expect for her to 100% pinpoint my ideas and the aesthetics of my brand, but she did! And it turned out incredible. Her designs are simple but so personalized. They hold meaning and are cohesive. My experience was perfect.

Evan Braaten 

Abbey is a super hard worker and willing to do whatever it takes to have the design match your vision. She worked quickly as well which was amazing because most designers take months to finish a project.

Kelsey Marie Photo

After working with Abbey, I now have a cohesive brand that actually attracts my ideal clients. Abbey was super easy to work with — she guides you along every step of the way and she is amazing at working with your ideas, wants, and desires, but then makes them so much better than you have ever dreamed. 

mackenzie h martin photography

Since working with Abbey, I have booked more dreams clients and feel so much more confident marketing my business. Abbey is amazing at what she does. She is a talented designer and business woman (like seriously so talented)… she truly cares about her clients and their businesses. I felt so cared for and encouraged as a small business owner. 

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